Here's my first blog for this year. I would venture to say it is my only true one. I have found an art form I am actually good at! I understand it and know how to work with it. I love the fact I can envision new creations, and that enlightens me. 

I am a certified educator in the areas of special education, hearing impaired and library media. Who would have dreamed I would be doing both art and teaching simultaneously and successfully? Not me!!!!!!!

After remodeling this worn out building into a newly remodeled gallery in 2009/10, I moved in! It is now a vibrant place to create art. Glass, and other mediums. I embrace new and different art forms and sell them to the shoppers that are amazed at the unique art in one building.

In November of 2012 I stepped into a new school, feet forward, setting up a needed special education program. I administered and also provided the special education services to the students in this elementary school. As I look  at my background I have a long history of  establishing new, innovative programs. Middle school and elementary library media centers, special education programs and this gallery that supports artists and instructs individuals, groups and other agencies. I love what I do and embrace all the energy I have worked with in founding these enterprises. I have no regrets.

My desire is to be helpful and inspiring to others. I have a passion in educating and imparting useful information. I would love to start chatting about areas that have an interest to others verses to me. Though I must say I do have a lot I would love to chat about!

Please, comments, comments.

     Naomi Zyndorf

    I am a fused glass artist and owner of Zyndorf Glass & Arts, a gallery and studio that supports all the arts . I teach fused glass art to all ages, we also offer classes in many art forms. We  work with the customer and personalize all of our custom jobs.  We are able to offer a great and diverse team of experts to produce a quality service.


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