December 6,2014
Here I go my second time blogging! Thanks everyone for the positive comments. It does feel weird posting into cyberspace. Yes, I have always enjoyed glass and wanted to venture out and learn it. Before beginning this art all I knew was stained glass and glass blowing. I had never heard of fused glass. It is an easy transition into creating unique work with minimal experience. But then that is where it ends! Fusing glass is not just an art form, but it is a work in progress. Once you get the bug, as I did, then you are hooked and want to do more. There is so much to know and the learning never ends. Technique, technique, technique, that is what is used to develop and apply new and innovative works of art. I enjoy the opportunity I am provided to develop new creations through exploration. The ability to add materials to glass and to twist and turn it in so many ways opens up doors of opportunity to designing and creating. It allows me the ability to be my own inventor. This is exciting!

Developing originality and personalized techniques through trial and error is what drew me closer to the world of fused glass. I encourage you to explore the possibilities that are available and enjoy the application of materials and innovation in this great art form. Join me in the journey of fused glass making.

A little add on........Tuesday is my birthday and I am so happy I have found a lifelong hobby. I suggest everyone be passionate about something they enjoy and yes, get out there and do it! I am glad I did,


     Naomi Zyndorf

    I am a fused glass artist and owner of Zyndorf Glass & Arts, a gallery and studio that supports all the arts . I teach fused glass art to all ages, we also offer classes in many art forms. We  work with the customer and personalize all of our custom jobs.  We are able to offer a great and diverse team of experts to produce a quality service.


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